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His singles opened the door for producing albums for young singers. Bahaa Sultan studied commerce before joining the National Arab Music Institute Singer and composer Moustafa Kaamel was inpressed by Bahaa’s performance and found a superstar in him. Moustafa introduced Bahaa to producer Nasr Mahrous who was convinced by his talent and released his single “Ehlef i.e. Swear” in the album “Free Mix 1(1998)”, a collection of superstars songs and new talents. His single “Bayennena i.e. It seems”, launched among “Free Mix 2 (2000)” songs, was the smash hit that encouraged Nasr Mahrous to produce an album for Bahaa Sultan (aged 20)  His first album was “Yally maashy i.e. XXX” made a great success and made other producers to release albums for young singers. Bahaa released another four albums “Talat da’aaye’ i.e. Three minutes (2001)”, “Oum o’af wenta betkallemny i.e. Stand up when I talk to you (2003)”, “Kaan Zaman i.e. Once upon a time (2006)” and “We Malna i.e. What happened to us? (2011)”. Sultan performed a number TV and cinema theme songs, including “Ana mesh ma’aahom i.e. I am not with them” and “Souk al-khodaar i.e. Vegetable market”. Bahaa Sultan is the smallest in a family of 2 sisters and 2 brothers, Rafat and Alaa (died 2010).

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